Mean Green Juice

Post-Workout Juicing and Maximizing MICRO-Nutrient Uptake

It is quite widely known and accepted (in both health/nutrition as well as medical circles) the amazing benefits of fresh vegetable juicing.  Even the esteemed Mayo clinic discusses the power of whole foods with patients as part of its integrative medicine approach, particularly with patients battling cancer.  (click here for some good basic info on juicing from the Mayo Clinic)

Juicing provides an additional vehicle for getting a blast of MICRO-nutrients (essential vitamins and minerals) into your system without potentially bloating levels of fiber, particularly from those vegetables likely not consumed regularly.  And its liquid state gets these nutrients into the body quickly with maximal absorption.  An ideal time for this boost is post-workout!  Try this tasty, macros-friendly green juice option called “Mean Green.”  Recipe and Macros Tracking info below…

Consuming a serving (around 30 oz) of this along-side a protein source is a phenomenal post-workout and recovery meal option.  We slug one of these very juices daily.  Try it every day for a month…you’ll be surprised how much better your feel and you’ll likely notice a difference in energy and even skin tone!

Mean Green Recipe

2 – Apples (3″)

4 – Celery Stalks Large

1 – Cucumber 8″ish

1 – “Thumb Worth” of Ginger Root

5 – Kale Leaves 8-12″ Size

1/2 – Lemon


Makes 30oz.

Mean Green Nutrition Facts (Juiced) ~ approx.

Fat 2.5g

Sodium 200mg

Potassium 1880mg

Total Carbs 66g

Fiber 1.5g

Sugars 34g

Protein 10g


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